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710 Kingpen Cartridge Review

710 Kingpen Cartridge Review

Producers of both a vape pen/batteries and pre-filled cartridges, 710 Kingpen has certainly made a name for itself in the California cannabis scene. Several of its cartridges placed in the "Best Vape Cartridge" category at the 2016 High Times Cup in Southern California. Its pen batteries, which the company recommends users pair with their cartridges, made the 2015 High Times list of best vape pens. Because of this hype, of course we at SuperVapeBros.com had to go out and try their cartridges and write a 710 Kingpen cartridge review for you!

The reputation of 710 Kingpen is further spurred by their partnership with Loud Pack Extracts, renowned for high quality, tested concentrates. You can trust the oil you are consuming is clean and free of contaminants.

The cartridges are offered in a variety of strain-specific choices, including: Cali-O, Jack Herer, Trainwreck, Skywalker OG, King Louie OG,  and Three Kings. The cartridges are available in both half-gram and full gram sizes. The prices are in the middle portion of the spectrum, with half-grams going for $30 and full grams $50 from Harborside dispensary in Oakland, CA. The THC percentages are high, averaging in the 70% THC by volume range.

I haven't had the chance to vape some Jack Herer in a while, so when I saw that strain in a 710 Kingpen at the dispensary (it's hard to find it in Northern California compared to other cartridges), I decided to pick it up without much hesitation. The review below represents a test with the 710 Kingpen cartridge paired with my Dr. Dabber Ghost pen.



One of the first things you notice about this cartridge is how clear the oil is, it's like a light straw colored shade of gold! 710 Kingpen claims each cartridge contains "lab tested, solvent-free THC oil of the highest quality." Hard to argue with that claim based on the eyeball test, the oil is so bright and beautiful. One thing we don't know much about is their process (or Loud Pen Extract's) in deriving this oil, so we have to mark them down slightly in this category. But the oil certainly passes our visual test with flying colors. (8.4/10)


On the first hit, you instantly get a sweet, slightly citrus and metallic taste. I didn't get any real taste of Jack Herer, with it's spicy flavor profile. That was a bit disappointing, especially as other companies are seeking to bring the original source plant terpenes back into the oil for added taste. I would say the taste is pleasant, even if it did not blow me away with its terpene content. The company website makes no mention of terpenes, so we have to assume that is not part of their product focus. I certainly think a move in that direction would make this product even stronger. (7.8/10)


I have a pretty high tolerance from years of medicating, but I was still blown away by how potent and hard-hitting the high is from this cartridge. This could be the heaviest high we have gotten from a cartridge, no joke. It's no mistake that 710 Kingpen joined forces with a concentrate company like Loud Pack. You've heard it here, vaping this cartridge is the closest we've gotten to a real dab hit in a pre-filled. It's a powerful, head rocking high, and there is no doubt the Jack Herer 710 Kingpen cartridge was a good representative of the strain itself. We can see why High Times liked this cartridge so much; the potency and effects were immediately felt and gave us a strong, long-lasting high. Want to get a cartridge that hits like a dab? This is your cart right here. (9.4/10)


Want a clean, solvent-free cartridge that hits like a dab, and it only costs $30 for a half gram? You've come to the right place. This 710 Kingpen cartridge represents some of the best value we've seen in a cartridge. Sure, we'd like a cart that is more "terpy" and where we know about their process a bit more. But if you want effectiveness at the right price, this cartridge does the trick. If you are a user who likes concentrates and dabbing, this is probably the cartridge you would buy. Conversely, we would not recommend this cartridge for low-tolerance or first time cartridge users - the heaviness of the high might be a bit much for those new to vaping. (9.6/10)

Where to Find 710 Kingpen Cartridges

Greenwolf dispensary in Southern California is one of their main distributors. To contact Greenwolf go here.

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8.8 Total Score
An excellent value cartridge that hits like a dab

These guys are award-winning for a reason. They have ultra-clear oil that is strain specific and is hard-hitting. The closest thing we've seen to hitting a dab from a cartridge. The mid-level pricing makes this product a no-brainer as a great value.

  • Award-winning, super clear and clean oil
  • Hits hard like a dab
  • Good price, great value
  • We want to know more about their extraction process
  • Not unpleasant tasting, but other companies utilize more terpenes
  • Hard to find outside of Los Angeles
User Rating: 3.35 (20 votes)

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