Absolute Xtracts Cartridge Review

Absolute Xtracts Cartridge Review

Absolute Xtracts has been one of first entrants into the vape cartridge market, and so they have provided a standard of sorts for cannabis oil cartridges. Based in Northern California, they grow their flowers in greenhouses and boast that they introduce no additives into their oil using carbon dioxide as the method of extraction, so consumers need not worry about BHO in their products.

We've been impressed with how well Absolute has been able to penetrate the market. Their products are a common sight at many dispensaries here in California. They don't only offer cartridges, they have a wide array of products, including soft gels, cannabis applicators, sublingual sprays, premium flowers, and honey straws.

They offer a dizzying array of strain-specific cartridges, the most of any company we have seen including: Candyland, Grape Stomper, Sour Diesel, Gorilla Glue, OG Kush, Durban Lime, Girl Scout Cookies, Chemdawg, AC/DC, Emerald Cup OG, Berry White, Blackberry Kush, Cherry Pie, Green Dragon, Royal Kush, Blue Jay Way, and Pineapple Afghani. There’s a strain here to suit just about any recreational or medical user’s needs.

For this review, I tried both Chemdawg and Candyland strains, two of my personal favorite strains.


The carts feature a solid build, with a metal mouthpiece topping the glass chamber filled with 500 mg of oil with a standard 510 thread. I would characterize the oil color as dark orange – not as bright or golden as one would like. Absolute’s website states they used a supercritical method of extraction. One thing I liked about the cart is that they are color coded with a band so users will know which strain they are vaping. (8.2/10)


The vapor is smooth and there is an ample amount of vapor produced. In terms of taste, this is where the cartridge doesn’t quite stack up to some of its competitors. It has a slight C02 taste, and it doesn’t really have much in the way of terpenes. I was unable to really detect the taste of the flower, so I’m not sure how much Absolute is re-introducing the terpenes back into oil during their process. From a taste perspective, we prefer the terpenes and taste of Kurvana and Legion of Bloom, for example. This is a potential area of improvement for Absolute as they continue to build their brand. (8.3/10)


Absolute’s cartridges test at around 70% THC content, so the potency is definitely there. I love the high of Chemdawg for daytime use, and their Chemdawg cart provides the lift that the strain’s flowers usually provide me. The cartridge was no different, 3-4 puffs was enough to have me feeling the Chemdawg high I’ve come to enjoy. I found the same consistency with the Candyland. The effects were very much like what I experienced vaping Candyland flower. Therefore, the cartridges represent the flower strains they are labeled as very closely. That level of consistency and reliability is one of the strengths of their carts. (8.5/10)


At dispensaries in Northern California, the price of Absolute carts ranges from $30-35 for a 500 mg cartridge. So, this represents sort of a middle range. There are cheaper carts out there in the $20-30 range while there are more expensive carts in the $50-60 or more range. This product has never clogged or died on us and it delivers medicine with the strain-specific effects we come to expect from flowers and quality strains. One of my go-to carts during the day is the Chemdawg cart; not only am I fan of this strain but the medicinal effects were on point. We believe this represents solid value at that price point for the consistency, reliability and choice of strains that their Absolute provides. (9.0/10)


Where to find Absolute Xtracts

You can find Absolute Xtracts products on their locator here.


Website: https://www.abx.org/



8.5 Total Score
Bottom Line

Absolute’s cartridges represent a nice middle level, a quality standard for cartridges: there are cartridges out there we don’t trust as much and are more cheaply made, and there are also carts available that are better made, in our view. To improve their product, they should consider a method to brighten the oil and to introduce more terpenes back into the oil to improve the taste. However, the carts are a good value and the consistency, combined with the choice of strain-specific cartridges makes Absolute cartridges a solid buy. (8.5/10)

  • Solid Value
  • Lots of Strain Options
  • Taste Could Be Better
  • Color of Oil Could Be Brighter
User Rating: 3.71 (7 votes)

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