Fresh Off The Bud Cartridge Review

Fresh Off the Bud Cartridge Review

We've been seeing Fresh Off the Bud cartridges show up in several brick-and-mortar and delivery dispensary menus so we decided to give them a try and provide a review for the community. Based on a name like Fresh Off the Bud, we went into our test drive with the assumption that these carts would be good tasting with some of the terpenes of the strains re-introduced into the oil for a well, fresh taste.  Check out our Fresh Off the Bud cartridge review below.

There isn't a lot of information on their website but they emphasize that their concentrates are free from solvents and other adulterants through a quality controlled process. We understand further that they use a closed-loop extraction process that retains 90% of cannabinoids and 10% of the terpenes of the flower.

Some of the strains we've seen them offer their carts include:  Tangerine Haze (which we tried), Lemon G-13, Black Lime Reserve and Platinum Purple. Their carts are available in half-gram and full-gram sizes and we have seen the former priced at about $30-32 and the latter at about $50 per unit. We are hopeful they will expand their offerings to include additional strains to their product line.

The picture below is the Tangerine Haze strain cartridge from Fresh Off The Bud, which is the strain we tested for this review. It was purchased for $32 from Valley Essentials dispensary in Northern California. The first thing one notices is the interesting packaging emphasizing their commitment to a natural product that retains cannabinoids and terpenes. The cart itself is quite standard, with a 510 thread and silver tip. The oil itself appears relatively bright and clear, certainly as bright if not brighter than some other carts in the moderate price range you can get these for.


Based on their claims of purity and by looking at the cart itself, one tends to find their statements to be true. The oil is a nice, clear color. We like that their oil is lab tested for purity and has 100% cannabinoids and natural terpenes. The question becomes "are the cannabinoids and terpenes in the oil from a single source and what exactly is their process?" It's not certain from their packaging or website but we are will have to take the company at their word. (7.5/10)


At this price point (~$30 for half gram) the Fresh Pen compares quite favorably with its competition. On hitting the pen, a pleasant, sweet citrus fills your mouth and throat. It is certainly a fresh, natural taste as advertised, with very little metallic or unpleasant CO2 aftertaste. The other cartridge I would compare the quality taste to is probably Kurvana. Both are tasty carts where you can taste the terpenes. This was a very tasty strain, but then again, I'm a sucker for citrus-flavored strains! (8.5/10)


I have to admit; I've never tried "Tangerine Haze" as a strain, in any form, so I wasn't sure of what to expect although I presumed a hazy, sativa effect based on the name. According to Leafly, the strain is a cross of G13 Haze and NYC Diesel. After a few puffs and I was getting a nice hazy effect, and it was definitely "up" and quite focused.  Perhaps it was the G13 in the strain, but I also felt a sense of calmness come over me as well. In this case, the felt high definitely fit the description. Fresh Off the Bud advertises that it's carts average around 76% THC and it only took me a few tokes to feel the effects. As a baseline, I would say I have an average tolerance as a daily user over the last several years. So, we would say the potency of these cartridges is quite good. (8.5/10)


This is where this cart shines: it has a lot going for it and the price is right. It has quality features like the process they utilize in extracting the oil, to their testing/purity guidelines and of course the cannabinoids and terpenes that give these carts their great taste. I would put these carts on par with Kurvana in terms of value, a mid price range cart with product features you might find in more premium carts costing quite a bit more. Do we like these carts as much as some of the more expensive carts? No, but you get a cart that is almost on their level but at a much more reasonable price. The cart has performed solidly during our test (no clogging, etc.) so the quality and reliability is there. We would like to know more about the company and their process but for now, we can recommend these carts as a solid buy. (9.0/10)

Where to Find Fresh Off The Bud Cartridges

It appears their products are available only in Northern California at this point, but their carts have made their way into the larger, more reputable dispensaries. Locations here.  Good luck finding them, we hope you enjoyed this Fresh Off The Bud cartridge review.

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8.4 Total Score
Good Value, Solid Buy

We like the company's goals of providing a fresh, natural tasting product at a reasonable price. We would like to know more about their extraction process, but overall, this cart has some features you might find in more premium pens at a mid-level price. Great taste, they indeed are fresh!

  • Excellent taste
  • Has features found in more expensive pens
  • Quality build
  • We want to know more about their extraction process
  • Strain choices limited
User Rating: 4.43 (7 votes)

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