Kurvana K-Pen Originals Cartridge Review

Kurvana K-Pen Originals Cartridge Review

The cannabis vape cartridge market has been evolving and Kurvana is pushing the envelope with its K-Pen Originals line that seeks to provide its users with a more natural vaping experience.  See how this product stacks up in our Kurvana K-Pen Originals cartridge review below.

Kurvana touts itself as providing high quality, natural products to the cannabis market. According to its website, Kurvana is focused on a CO2 extraction method that retains the flavors of the original flower they derive their oils from: "Our lab is able to preserve the essential components of the raw flower which unlocks the terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids, providing the vibrant strain-specific taste and benefits of the Kurvana Originals Line." We see this type of method of focusing on both a more naturally-based product that retains the terpenes and flavors of the originally sourced flower as a positive trend as vape cartridges continue to increase in popularity.

It’s Originals cartridges come in a variety of popular strains rated in the common sativa, hybrid and indica types and strains like Pineapple Express, Jack Herer, True OG, Sour Diesel, Original Blueberry, Girl Scout Cookies and Blackberry Kush. The cartridges come in 0.5 gram and full 1 gram sizes. Half grams usually go for about $30-35 at your local dispensary.

Kurvana has other products in addition to the K-Pens including a battery you can pair with their cartridges, an Infusion line of cartridges and a pure CBD product line.

Today we’ll be reviewing a cartridge that is gaining in popularity among vape users, and that is the K-Pen by Kurvana Botanicals. For this review, I’ll be discussing my experience with a 1-gram cartridge of their Grapefruit Kush, which they characterize as a hybrid strain.

One of the first things you notice about Kurvana carts is the packaging: a long plastic tube that acts as a sleeve for the cart, with a cork holding the cart inside. It looks quite simple yet elegant. Visually, the cart itself is not that different from other cartridges on the market as it is compatible with most 510 thread batteries.


The company appears to back up its claim that they lab test for purity and that the oil they extract is free from additives and naturally derived. They should be commended for a product that tastes very clean and pure. The color of the oil is a nice golden yellow, although not as clear and bright as some of its competitors. (8.3/10)


Before one has a chance to take a puff of the cart, one will notice a floral, potpourri-like smell emanating from the cart. It smells refreshing, but you also have to wonder whether the company is adding fragrances to the cartridge. Kurvana has an Infusions line which clearly adds botanical fragrance to their carts, but it appears they may be doing something similar with their K-Pen Originals line as well.

Upon hitting the cart, a very pleasant taste overall, and when you take a draw from a Kurvana cart for the first time, you will notice their competitive advantage is that the strains smell and taste like the flower for that strain. The pleasant grapefruit and floral flavors are both subtle yet noticeable. Long and heavy draws may produce some burning in the back of your throat and some light coughing because it sometimes is easy to forget something so pleasing to the palette is over 60% THC in most cases. (8.5/10)


At 60%, these carts are not nearly as powerful as some other carts on the market (some have a potency of 80% or even more). However, the effects were still almost immediately felt with a perceptible head change. The strain was true to its labeling, I definitely felt the Grapefruit strain and its sativa dominance but after a couple more draws and allowing 15-20 minutes to pass, the kush indica effects began to cause me to settle in nicely for some TV watching and I began to search for something to nibble on. This was indeed a quality hybrid strain and the desired effects were achieved. (8.5/10)


At between $30-35 for a half gram, the K-Pens represent a good value. They have some of the features of more highly priced cartridges like the smell and taste, so they are an improvement over some of the standard level carts in this price range. However, we have been hearing about clogging issues with some of their carts. In addition, a delivery dispensary owner I order from said he is returning them from stock due to their oils freezing at moderate temperatures. According to the Kurvana website, the company stands by their products and will provide a refund at the point of sale. We hope that Kurvana will continue with its quality customer service and work on the cartridge reliability issues going forward. Still, the carts are a good value at their price point. (8.0/10)

Where to find Kurvana carts:

You can go here to find Kurvana carts at a dispensary near you.

Website: kurebotanicals.com

8.3 Total Score
Bottom Line

The word "natural" comes to mind with Kurvana cartridges, from the packaging to the smell and taste of the cartridge, to the terpenes that add flavor to the vapor. These cartridges offer something different from most other cartridges on the market, and the K-Pens are a solid entry to an increasingly crowded field. We do have concerns about reliability, but overall, these cartridges are definitely worth a try.

  • Comes across as very natural
  • Smells and tastes great
  • Love the packaging
  • Reliability concerns
  • Not certain how natural the floral/botanical smell of the carts are
  • Not the strongest or most potent in comparison to some other companies
User Rating: 4 (5 votes)

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