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Legion of Bloom Cartridge Review

Legion of Bloom Cartridge Review

2016 was the year that the vape cartridge began evolving towards introducing cannabis-derived terpenes into the oil for a more natural tasting vaping experience. Legion of Bloom has been one of the pioneers of that movement with the introduction of their Monarch and other product lines. Their products have won multiple awards over the years including placing at High Times Cannabis Cup events.

The Monarch is the name Legion of Bloom have given to their disposable vape cartridges. Monarch features a refined process for clarity, purity of the oil through a solvent-free, C02 extract that is additive-free. Their process is unique in that they utilize a single source for the oil that keeps the strain-specific terpenes in the oil for a better taste. As a result, Legion of Bloom has won some awards for the Monarch, including placing at several High Times Cup events.

Legion of Bloom offers the carts in strain specific varieties including: Cherry AK, Exodus Cheese, Kashmere Kush, Sour Diesel, and J-1. I have also seen Tangerine and Gorilla Glue carts from Legion of Bloom at my local dispensary in San Jose, CA.

Other products from Legion of Bloom you may want to give a try: their TerraPen, which is a 1:1 THC/CBD ratio pen and cart that comes in specific strains . Also, they have released a line of flower rosin called Raw-Zen. You can also pair your carts with their Monarch battery which has a low, medium and high temperature setting based on your preferences.

For this review, I tried one of my personal flower strains, Gorilla Glue.


One of the first things you will notice about the cart is how clear and golden the oil is. The carts are available in 500 mg of oil with a standard 510 thread, and it usually is stamped with Legion of Bloom logo. The clarity of oil is among the clearest and brightest we at Super Vape Bros. have reviewed. The website boasts that their method of CO2 extraction provides for an oil that is pesticide, additive and solvent-free.


The tasted of these carts sets it above mosts of its competitors, as the focus with Monarch and a big selling point is the single source origination and the process by which the original plant terpenes are infused into the oil. You actually can taste the terps of the plant! No noticeable metallic or C02 taste here. This is one of the best tasting carts available today, especially if you vape it at a lower temperature (e.g. you have a variable temperature pen/battery).


The Monarch carts test at about 70-80% THC, so the potency is there. A few hits of the cart and I could already feel the Gorilla Glue effects provide an almost instant head change. Soon after, a more consuming high began to settle in. I felt the effects for a solid two hours after the initial hit and true to the strain, it’s essentially the high I get from Gorilla Glue flowers when I smoke/vape them.


Make no mistake; this is a premium cart and it has a price to match. We have seen this cart at Northern California dispensaries for around $50 for a 500 mg cartridge. That represents a significantly higher price than the run-of-the-mill carts out there which usually charge in the neighborhood of $30-35 for the same capacity cart. There’s a price level for every cannabis user and this cart is for the discerning vape consumer who wants a high quality production and experience and is willing and able to pay for it. Although these carts do cost more than the average cartridges, the amount of care and resulting quality of these units does provide for decent value, even at the price point.


Where to Find Legion of Bloom

It appears their products are available only in California at this point, but we hope they do expand so others can try their carts. Locations here.



8.7 Total Score
Bottom Line

Looking for a high quality, great tasting vape cartridge? You could do a lot worse than choosing Legion of Bloom. You’ve got an award winning company backed with a solid reputation and meticulous process in bringing these cartridges to market. If you’re a lover of terpenes, this cartridge represents a good value, even at $50 per unit. It may be a bit pricey, but as they say, you get what you pay for. And Legion of Bloom is about as good as it gets.

  • Tastes great
  • Super clean high
  • Premium prices for a premium cartridge
User Rating: 3.29 (17 votes)

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