Bright and early, as the sun peaks over the palm tree-lined horizon in North Hollywood, our diligent MMD team is already hard at work preparing for the day. We are a full-service, leading Cannabis Dispensary in North Hollywood and Burbank, CA. Our prime focus is offering outstanding customer service and high quality products to our clients. Our team is geared towards providing a client-centered experience, ensuring that it is not just about making the sale, but about meeting our customer’s needs.

Our Morning Routine

Our mornings begin with checking the cannabis inventory, preparing for product deliveries and ensuring everything is immaculately clean and sanitized for the day’s operations. We understand the importance of every single detail in providing premium-quality cannabis products. All this is done while enthusiastically awaiting the arrival of both new and returning customers seeking either medicinal or recreational cannabis goods. Our team is fully trained, knowledgeable about all our products and on standby to offer any needed assistance to customers.

Many of our clientele have been with us for years, trusting us for both the quality of our products and the professional service we deliver. We have served thousands of customers from North Hollywood to Burbank, and our reputation in the community has grown significantly due to the dedication each member of our team brings to work every day.

Afternoon Rush Hour

The afternoons see a constant flow of customers, keeping our staff on their toes. Customers who pop in during their lunch breaks or as they finish with their day-to-day tasks add to the dynamic energy of our store. No question is too complex for our team, whether it’s a first-time user unsure of where to begin, an individual looking for relief from chronic pain, or a seasoned cannabis connoisseur looking to try out new products. We value and respect the needs of everyone who walks through our doors, providing them with the best cannabis shopping experience.

As the day winds to a close, our team restocks the shelves, ensures all equipment and surfaces are sanitized and ready for the next business day. In the end, our goal at MMD Shops North Hollywood is to ensure our clients leave satisfied, having found the exact cannabis product that fits their needs.

A day in our life is always busy, always exciting and always fulfilling, knowing we are able to serve those in need, educate the curious and provide quality products in a friendly environment. We are proud to be your trusted cannabis dispensary in North Hollywood and Burbank.