No need to scale the heights of Sandia Peak to appreciate the “high” life in New Mexico. Right on flat ground, something much more invigorating awaits you at Just Jane Dispensary, your one-stop for unadulterated bliss located right here in the Land of Enchantment.

Who says weed dispensaries can’t be fun? At Just Jane, we take “high” spirits quite literally. From Cannabidiol oils to every variety of Mary Jane strands you can think of, we have it all, and more! But what’s a dispensary without a little delightful whimsy? While our offerings pack a punch, the witty wisecracks from our budtenders serve up the perfect side dish of good ol’ customer service, and, let’s be honest, a delicious dollop of cheery banter is always welcome.

Our reputation as New Mexico’s favorite cannabis destination isn’t just smoke and mirrors. We take high times seriously! Experience irreverent joy, select quality products and indulge in a brand of fun that’s decidedly Just Jane. Guarantee one visit won’t be enough. You’ll be ‘flying’ back in no time, much faster than a roadrunner, we bet! Beep beep!