In recent years, the legalization and use of both medical and recreational marijuana has sparked numerous questions and misconceptions. As your trusted resource, we at Codes – Lake St Louis, MO, are here to clear the smoke and dispel some of the myths surrounding Marijuana and dispensaries around Wentzville, MO, Chesterfield, MO, Cottleville, MO, and surrounding areas.

Myth 1: Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are different

Contrary to popular belief, there is no difference between medical and recreational marijuana in terms of the plant itself. The differentiation lies in the intended use. Medical marijuana is prescribed by a doctor for specific health conditions, while recreational marijuana is used without medical justification. Learn more about the uses and benefits of medical marijuana here.

Myth 2: All marijuana dispensaries are the same

It’s essential to understand that not all marijuana dispensaries are created equal. Regulations and licensing requirements often differ significantly between medical and recreational dispensaries. Medical dispensaries are subject to stricter regulations, ensuring that products meet high-quality standards for patient use.

Myth 3: Marijuana dispensaries contribute to increased crime rates

There’s a common but misguided notion that marijuana dispensaries breed crime in nearby areas. In reality, dispensaries often improve the safety and vibrancy of their neighborhoods. They’re regulated establishments with security measures that ensure the safety of their customers and the community.

In conclusion, it’s crucial to remain informed and debunk falsehoods about marijuana and dispensaries, which can often create unnecessary confusion and stigma. As we like saying at Codes – Lake St Louis, let’s clear the smoke together. We proudly serve Lake Saint Louis, MO, Saint Peters, MO, O Fallon, MO and beyond.