Once upon an average Monday, New Standard challenged gravity and decided to raise the bar – literally. Their staff was randomly found lifting weights between client calls, hone their ‘raising bars’ skills.

A New Standard of Fun

Did you hear about the employee who suggested that the company move its headquarters on a mountain top? Their reason was simple: set a new ‘peak’ standard. This hilarious suggestion resulted with an invigorating hike, just another proof that at New Standard any idea can lead to an adventurous outcome.

Laughing at the unexpected hilarities of everyday work scenarios, New Standard has turned what may seem mundane, into absolutely extraordinary. It’s not just about redefining the company standards, but it’s about setting a new standard in work culture, one belly laugh at a time.

With a team as witty as theirs, who needs a full-time jester? At New Standard, it seems every day brings forth another opportunity to redefine standards and do so amidst roaring laughter. So here’s to maintaining high standards, and even higher spirits.