Ever found yourself in the heart of Uncle Ike’s stomping grounds? Located in the serene landscapes of Seahurst, the comforting aura of Kirkland, or the lively locales of West Seattle and Medina, our branches are budding, much like our Cannabis crops!

A trip to Uncle Ike’s isn’t just a stop at a Cannabis Dispensary. It’s a trip down the quiet banks of Lake City, a quick jaunt through lush, green Marijuana meadows and a rollercoaster ride in a Cannabis Store around Seattle. Our stores are always lit, but mind you, we too obey traffic signals. No rolling past the Green. That’s our rule of thumb!

Uncle Ike’s is fun, free, and full of fresh air – the kind that makes you giggle. Forget swiping bud from grandma’s herb garden; Uncle Ike’s is where the real green-fingered magic happens. Kilns, crystals, kettles, and kebabs. Yes, we’ve even got barbecues heating up, all the in name of Cannabis activism. And the specialty of the house? Lake City’s very own slow-roasted-and-gently-toasted ganja. That’s Uncle Ike’s: not just another weed in the garden!