Understanding Cannabis Extraction Techniques

At P37 Cannabis, we believe in educating our customers about the products they consume. Today, we’re exploring the fascinating world of cannabis extraction methods, a crucial process in creating many of the products you’ll find in our dispensaries across New Mexico.

Common Extraction Methods

There are several ways to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant:

  1. CO2 Extraction: This method uses pressurized carbon dioxide to pull desired compounds from the plant material. It’s considered one of the cleanest and most efficient methods.
  2. Ethanol Extraction: This process involves soaking the plant material in ethanol to strip away cannabinoids and terpenes. It’s effective but can also extract unwanted compounds like chlorophyll.
  3. Hydrocarbon Extraction: This technique uses butane or propane to extract compounds. It’s efficient but requires careful handling due to the flammable nature of the solvents.
  4. Solventless Extraction: Methods like rosin pressing use heat and pressure to extract compounds without any solvents, resulting in a pure, full-spectrum product.

The Science Behind the Process

Extraction works by taking advantage of the solubility of cannabinoids and terpenes in various solvents. The goal is to separate these compounds from the plant material while leaving behind unwanted elements like chlorophyll and plant waxes.

The choice of extraction method can significantly impact the final product’s potency, purity, and overall quality. For example, CO2 extraction allows for precise temperature and pressure control, enabling the isolation of specific compounds.

Why Extraction Matters

Extraction is crucial for creating concentrated cannabis products like oils, waxes, and edibles. These products offer precise dosing, longer shelf life, and versatility in consumption methods, catering to various preferences and medical needs.

At P37 Cannabis, we carefully select products made using safe, efficient extraction methods to ensure the highest quality for our customers in Albuquerque, Sunland Park, Gallup, Las Cruces, Santa Fe, and Tucumcari.

Understanding these processes helps consumers make informed decisions about the products they choose. Whether you’re looking for a full-spectrum experience or a precise dose of CBD, knowing the extraction method can guide your selection.

Visit any of our P37 Cannabis locations to learn more about our products and the extraction methods used to create them. Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to help you find the perfect product for your needs.